Cannabis seeds conservation


Cannabis seeds conservation

Cannabis seeds remain in good condition by storing them somewhere cold and dark. The amount of time seeds remain usable differs per storage method and associated conditions

The germ that hides behind the tough seed outer shell can survive for years feeding on food reserves it inherited from the mother plant. Food supplies consisting of fad starch and sugar keep the germ alive as long as these reserves are available. Maximum lifespan is around 6 years but seeds that survive for a longer period of time are no exception.

Keeping cannabis seeds in the fridge is the most obvious storage method. It is important to keep the seeds in an airtight sealed enclosure so no moist can get to it. In order to optimize the storage proces even further, is is wise to keep the seeds in airtight packaging. Preferably at 4 degrees celcius. Weed seeds don’t like tempurature changes. Therefore only remove them from the fridge when neccessary. This way the seeds can be preserved for years.

Marijuana seeds can be preserved for a minimum of 3 years without any loss in germinating power. Probably even for much longer, only time will tell.

Storing weed seeds in airtight pots

Storing marijuana seeds in airtight pots.

Storing cannabis seeds in the freezer is the right choice if you want to store the seeds for decades or longer. Can this do any harm? No, in nature, seeds freeze all the time, after that spring begins and germination starts. Make sure the weed seeds are totally dry before freezing.

It’s obvious weed seeds germinating power decreases as the years progress. Therefore you should allways store some additional seeds. Will seeds still germinate after 100 years have progressed? No one knows.

Only remove the seeds from the fridge when it is time for sowing. Let the seeds gradually adjust to lower tempuratures by keeping the packaging closed during the cooling down.

Cannabis Seed storage tips & tricks

  • Label marijuana seeds not only by species but also by the year the seeds were produced. This way you will know when it is high time to sow a particuler strain.
  • Store a large amount of seeds belonging to one species in different packages. When selling seeds, sell seeds from the same package untill it is empty and only then move on to the next package. This way tempurature variations are kept at a minimum.
  • Mix rice with your weed seeds, rice absorbs fluids. In case moisture does get to your seeds the rice grains will absorb it.
  • Did you grow your seeds yourself? Make sure seeds dry for a minimun 2 week period at room tempuratures before storing them in a fridge. Don’t force the drying process!
  • The basement is a good fridge alternative for storing seeds.
Weed seeds labeled by strain

Marijuana seeds labeled by strain.

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